Trademarking in Other Countries

Aug 2020
If you consider expanding your business to foreign countries, one of the things that need to be done is to file your trademark in those countries. It usually takes more than 1 year from filing to registration of a trademark. For some countries it even takes more than 2 years. Only few countries have relatively shorter process of registering the mark, which will take around 6 months or shorter than that.
Many businesses and people that are not aware of that trademarking in other countries is such a long process that requires a lot of waiting and patience, they prepare trademarking in other countries while they are manufacturing their products to sell in other countries. But this is not the recommended way of preparing your business in foreign countries. You may find out that trademarks identical or extremely similar to your trademark is already existing in those countries after you already prepared the products under your trademark. Sometimes filed trademarks are refused or even finally rejected. It is recommended and also reasonable that you should file your trademark immediately after the mark is designed.

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